Delivering Exceptional Solutions Without External Interference

Our founder-led ethos sets us apart. Free from Private Equity or Venture Capital influence, we dedicate ourselves to crafting outstanding software for our clients, with a relentless focus on innovation.

Meet Our Team

Military, public safety, & tech pros

We pride ourselves on close relationships and collaboration with our partners. Our leadership & client success team are always just a call or text away.
Scott Monroe
CEO & Co-founder
Preston Stackhouse
CFO & Co-founder
Christopher Watford
Anna Kathryn Feeley
Head of Product
Lauren King
Client Success
Jeff Lowe
Client Success
Nichole Murphy
Associate Product Manager
Alex Lay-Calvert
Lead Software Engineer
Devin Jackson
Software Developer
Robert Taylor
Terris Kremer
Software Engineer
Peyton Santo
Software Developer
John Rychlak, Jr.
Account Executive
Clayton Hamerski
Account Executive

Board of Advisors

Meet our Subject Matter Experts

We hand-selected the industry's best of the best to provide expert strategic advice on the management and direction of our solutions.
Dr. Joshua Smith
Assistant to the General President, IAFF
Scott MacDonald
GovTech Founder & Expert
Shawn Goodbrod
Fire Rescue Captain & Paramedic
Robert McCartney
Senior Software Engineer, Google
Dr. Paul Reynolds
Director of Research | Caruth Police Institute at UNTD
Dr. Susruta Sudula
Criminal Justice Researcher
Drew Ramey
Lieutenant Colonel, USMC
Jason Miller
Associate VP, Humana & LtCol USMC Reserve

Letter from CEO & Co-Founder

More than just software

Essential Personnel is more than just a software; it's a tool that enables leadership. Your people are your most important asset. So, we built software that would enable you to build a strong team with physically and mentally ready people.

If you want to drive performance with a culture of accountability while having all your “People data” at your fingertips for meaningful decision making, let us show you what we have built. I promise you state-of-the-art software to build a winning team.

Programs & Accolades

Our Milestones

Award-winning solutions for the public sector’s unique needs.